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Solutions that help companies to achieve their goals faster. For over 30 years TEWS moisture & density measurement solutions have been in use worldwide in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our high-performance solutions combine surface and core moisture detection as well as density measurement based on patented TEWS microwave technique.

Measurably better - No matter whether granulation or spray drying processes, tablets, capsules or micro dosing, our high-performance solutions are simple: we provide patented microwave technique tied to passion driven services. Why? The answer is as simple as our solutions: to improve the production process of our clients. Or, in other words: to help our clients to achieve better results.

Our solutions have been developed and designed hand-in-hand together with the pharmaceutical industry and, therefore, fulfill the requirements of CFR 21 Part 11 which are available in different Atex-standards including  IQ/OQ-documentation.