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It offers the world's most comprehensive range of mixing equipment for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and specialty chemistry industries, as well as the bakery, pastry and pastry industries.


Dedicated exclusively to mixing, VMI is one of the few companies in the world that can offer a complete range of solutions perfectly adapted to the mixing of a wide variety of raw materials. VMI teams have expanded their expertise to serve industries where mixing, kneading, mixing, homogenizing, dispersing or emulsifying are important steps in their production processes. The correlation and synergy that exists in these application domains has forged the unique expertise that VMI brings to the most demanding industries:

· Fine Bakery-Pastry (industrial and artisanal)

· Pharmaceutical industry

· Cosmetic Industry

· Special chemicals

· Supply

VMI mixers are at the forefront in these sectors thanks to their innovation, performance and capacity. Today, the efficient and cost-effective solutions offered by VMI are recognized by customers in more than 50 countries. From artisan mixing to complete mixing systems that meet the needs of laboratories, as well as complete industrial facilities, VMI - The Mixing Company has a solution for every mixing requirement.

VMI - Manufacture and installation of mixing equipment
VMI has capitalized on its know-how in mixing technology and offers the most comprehensive range of equipment in the world.