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Agitador Mobiles for Emulsion Processes

Agitador Mobiles for Emulsion Processes

The Ultramix agitator is suited for all emulsion operations and guarantees a high stability of phases thanks to its intense shearing capabilities. The stator geometry is adapted to product viscosity.

The bowl bottom emulsifier (EFC) consists of a rotor stator and may be associated with an agitator of the Cynabloc type, which is located on the top of the vessel to ensure the circulation process.

For relatively significant production runs (from a few hundred liters per hour and to several tens of thousands of liters per hour), continuous mixing is undeniably an interesting alternative for batch mixing operations. VMI offers continuous mixers that come in a variety of models to meet your unique needs for mixture homogeneity and ingredient amount:

  • The EHL agitator is made of one or more rotor-stators and enables  both emulsion or smoothing operations.
  • The gyroflux agitator manages all mixing operations (dispersion at high speed, dilution, etc.).

Volume: From 10 to 200,000 liters, depending on the model

Variety of mixing processes: Wide range of agitators

Versatility and adaptability: Diversity in volumes, viscosity ranges, dispersion, and emulsion fineness


· Very high shear rate

· Suitable for liquid/liquid, immiscible mixtures

· Efficient for fine powder emulsions and the homogenization of viscous ingredients and complex phases