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Agitation Mobiles for Dispersion Processes

Agitation Mobiles for Dispersion Processes

Dedicated to dispersion operations, the Direct and Empateur agitators (for small and large product volumes, respectively) are characterized by their high agitation speed combined with a dispersion turbine that possesses radial effects.

The bowl bottom disperser (DFC) is located on the bottom of the bowl. It may be associated with an agitator of the CYNABLOC type, which is located on the bowl’s roof to ensure a pumping function.

The Direct, Empateur, and DFC agitators are ideal for dispersing non-soluble powders in solid/liquid mixtures.

Volume: From 10 to 200,000 liters, depending on the model

Variety of mixing processes: Wide range of agitators

Versatility and adaptability: Diversity in volumes, viscosity ranges, dispersion, and emulsion fineness


· Low pumping effect

· igh shear rate

· Suitable for highly liquid and medium-filled products