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It allows the measurement of the temperature of the product inside the vial.

LyoTrain is a device designed for use in automatic freeze dryers.

Applications: Freeze-drying.

This system is made up of three different parts:

- The first part is the real-time RF data logger that stores and transmits the temperature data.

- The second part is a buffer vial.

- The third piece is the vial that contains the product where the temperature is to be measured.

The Lyo Caterpillar holds all three pieces together, allowing the entire system to move freely on the belt during the automatic loading and unloading process. The temperature sensor is very small and has a thin gauge sensor wire which, combined, results in the absolute minimum of influence on the process during measurement. The sensor is held firmly in position by the sensor holder, allowing very accurate temperature measurement at the critical location at the bottom of the vial.

Materials of construction allow Lyo Caterpillar to be used continuously at temperatures up to 250 ° C / 482 ° F and can be sterilized in steam autoclaves or hydrogen peroxide.

The Lyo Caterpillar system comes in default 10R or 30H vial sizes and can be customized for different sized vials based on users.