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Batch kneading system

Batch kneading system

Batch kneading system. VMI offers automated batch kneading systems. These reliable solutions are designed to offer industrialists high levels of productivity (from 1,500 kg to 8 tonnes of dough per hour, continuously).

Artisans and Industries of the bakery, pastry and snacking

Automated systems consist of integrating a battery of several planetary kneaders or mixers, organizing and automating the passage of the troughs from one station to another, thus limiting production-free times and increasing the level of profitability.

According to your requirements and your manufacturing project (simple or elaborate kneading process), the engineers at our project offices design the most suitable equipment for your manufacture of bakery, pastry or snacking products.

Volume: Hourly productions from 1,500 kg to 8 tons of mass continuously

Agile and safe control: of your production processes, both simple and elaborate

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路 High level of productivity

路 Versatility in applications and processes (breads, pastries, cookies, pizzas, etc.)

路 Regularity of processes thanks to traceability of operations

路 Optimized hygiene and maintenance