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Bench-Top Mixer Turbotest

Bench-Top Mixer Turbotest

Bench Mixer. Enables manufacturers to develop formulations according to the end product’s rheology.

Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, and Specialty Chemicals Industries

It has multiple interchangeable tools (turbines, propellers, rotor-stator emulsifiers), making it ideal for:

  • Quality testing
  • R&D trials
  • Development of new formulations

The Turbotest® guarantees the reproduction of process parameters for scale-up operations (e.g. from laboratory to industrial production). It validates turbine types and speed ranges according to the ingredients used whether the ingredients are liquid, powder, viscous, miscible, or immiscible.

Volume: From 250 ml to 5 liters

Versatility in applications: Multiple turbines, propellers, and rotor-stator emulsifiers

Repeatability of process parameters: for industrial scale-up


· Versatility in applications using a wide range of turbines

· Repeatability of mixing parameters

· Easy to set up and operate

· Hygienic design