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Blister Accumulator / Sleever

Blister Accumulator / Sleever

Fargo Automation's Blister Accumulator / Sleever has the ability to accumulate and/or sleeve incoming blisters. Blisters are also able to bypass sleeving and continue directly to secondary packaging.


路 Designed specifically to provide the customer with ease of use, high speed, high runtime, clean design, simple changeover, and low maintenance
路 Industry standard Allen-Bradley controls are used to create a machine that is easy to support, maintain and integrate with upstream and downstream automated equipment
路 Clean cGMP design is engineered for ease of use and functionality. Sleeve removal is safe and ergonomic. HMI screens are informative and easy to navigate
路 Machine changeover is simple and toolless. Change parts can be switched over in minutes with no adjustments necessary. PLC Format changes are done with a push of a button from the HMI


路 The blister Accumulator/ Sleever gives customers the ability to reduce downtime by accumulating and reintroducing blisters inline
路 Blisters can be placed into sleeves for transportation or storage
路 Allen Bradley controls
路 Changeover takes only minutes


路 Vision Inspection
路 The system can be ordered strictly as an accumulator or with a sleeving option