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Bottom drain mixer

Bottom drain mixer

Batch kneading system. They are presented as a compact and very economical automated kneading solution.

Artisans and Industries of the bakery, pastry and snacking

Thanks to the bottom discharge system of the tundish, the installation takes up less space and adapts very effectively to production constraints (low ceiling height). The wide range of mixing tools and the intuitive control system allow you to make all types of dough, from medium to highly hydrated.

Combined with a lift / tilt system, the bottom dump mixers can produce up to 2 tons per hour with a single operator.

Volume: Up to 2 tons / hour

Agile and safe control: of your production processes, both simple and elaborate

Team evolution


· Versatility in finished products with various mixing tools of your choice

· Compact and ergonomic equipment

· Modularity of the mixer according to the evolution of its production level