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Combis TWO in ONE

Combis TWO in ONE

The increasing demand for flexibility calls for new technical solutions concerning the possibility of producing Pure Steam and WFI at the same time. All multi-effect stills have a limited possibility of producing Pure Steam from the 1st column.

The unique AQUA-NOVA® design, however, allows Pure Steam of almost any quantity to be produced simultaneously with WFI distillation.


This technical solution has a number of advantages, the most important being:

• Reduced investment

• Reduced installation space & cost

• Reduced validation

• Easy handling

• Pure Steam pressure regulation

• Feed Water degassing


AQUA-NOVA® will tailor dimension the unit for your production of WFI and Pure Steam based on required production.

When requesting our quotation for a WFI still, identify and specify the estimated Pure Steam consumption to also evaluate the alternative TWO in ONE!.