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Continuous vacuum mixer Continuum

Continuous vacuum mixer Continuum

Continuous kneaders. Exclusively designed for the sliced bread, hamburger buns, brioches and other fluffy products.

Artisans and Industries of the bakery, pastry and snacking

The need to be able to preserve the products has allowed frozen dough to prevail over fresh dough. For this, the control of the temperature - through the circulation of glycol in the double jacket of the tundish - and of the energy is essential. The Continuum庐, like its cousin the Verymix, integrates these functions. The two mixing phases - premix and kneading - are possible thanks to the presence of the PMH: a premixer with innovative and patented tools, which allows the mixture to be hydrated and homogenized very quickly. During kneading, the aeration and structuring of the dough are possible thanks to a reduced kneading chamber, which guarantees greater temperature control and a faster and more efficient energy supply. The addition of pressure or vacuum allows the crumb to be better modulated and structured.

Volume: From 700 kg to 8 tons / hour

Productivity and respect for traditional kneading

Versatility and regularity of productions


路 Improves fluffing and preservation of the product, thanks to excellent aeration of the dough through the use of vacuum / pressure technology

路 Optimum transmission of energy to the dough and better heat exchange thanks to the limitation of the dough in process in the mixing bowl

路 Control of all kneading parameters

路 The horizontal pre-mixer (PMH) guarantees the perfect prehydration of the powders in a very short time