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CS 750

CS 750

The CS 750 sets the highest standards for performance, flexibility, reliability, and ease of use. It is specially designed for the cleaning, disinfection and drying of transport carts, containers, operating tables and beds.



路 Developed in accordance with the latest guidelines issued by the Rack and Cart Decontamination Systems Working Group (AK-BWA), as well as DIN 58955

路 The best washing technology processes up to 10 cycles / h, with electrically operated side-movement washing and rinsing system, stainless steel circulation pump, high-performance drying: 1800 m3 / h, up to 60 kW, garment tilting during process and optional cold prewash

路 Minimum water consumption of approx. 16 - 30 l of fresh water per cycle

路 Glass doors and cabin lighting for visual control of the washing process, as well as a patented process status display; Double push door model with interlocking doors to separate contaminated / clean area

路 3 different usable chamber lengths and 2 different usable chamber widths

路 Integrated easy-care equipment and service compartment offers space to accommodate media connections and detergent container storage


路 Special shelves for various applications, eg. Eg, bowls, plates, surgical shoes, nightstands