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This new coater sets new standards in terms of performance and versatility. It stands for consistently high product quality and reproducibility as well as extensive process safety and comfortable handling. Coater for extremely fast mixing and coating.

The new GCC – Superfast & Superclean is the world’s fastest coating technology.

The positioning of the blending tools makes it possible to achieve an ultra-fast mixing effect, even at the lowest loading level of just 10 %

Reduces batch times to just one hour for the entire process, from charging and coating to discharging.

Fully perforated drum.

The advanced charging and discharging features ensure a gently handling of tablets.

Three direction settings are available:  Distance and the angle in relation to the tablet bed can be adjusted from the outside by motor. The spray angle can be fine-adjusted manually, directly on the nozzle arm.

A laser monitors the distance of the spray arm from the tablet bed during the entire process, at all times.

The new GlattView control system offers optimum process monitoring and improved handling

Touchscreen monitors included. It is also possible to establish a connection to customer MES.