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EZ Blister

EZ Blister

The machine has a range of options that can be selected to tailor and format the machine to meet individual commercial, manufacturing and technological requirements.

The Sepha EZ Blister offers a 3-in-1 manufacturing process for low volume blister packaging including forming, sealing and perforating/cutting.

1. Forming. Through either thermoforming or coldforming trays are formed to exact product requirements.

2. Sealing. The formed trays are sealed with pre-cut pieces of the selected lidding material using knurled or flat heat sealing plates. Product traceability can be achieved by choosing the option of code embossing.

3. Perforating & Cutting. The sealed trays are cut and perforated using a precision die cutter.

The table top blister packaging machine can help departments involved with clinical trials, stability studies, specialist drugs or packaging development as it’s designed to create small batches. The Sepha EZ Blister eliminates the need to interrupt busy schedules of Production departments, saving time and money. It also gives more freedom to plan and budget smaller projects as and when required.