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Spiral mixer Kneadster

Spiral mixer Kneadster

Spiral mixer with removable bowl. It is intended for bakers who wish to produce quality artisan bread on an industrial scale, as well as all the other large families of doughs: sliced bread, pastries, brioches, cookies, snacking products, etc.

Artisans and Industries of the bakery, pastry and snacking

It is equipped with a double mixing tool of an exclusive design. The diameter of the tools, their shape and their position in the tundish make it possible to develop the dough quickly and evenly without heating it. Being less in demand, the machine is more durable and reliable. It also allows a good incorporation of the ingredients added later.

Volume: From 80 to 750 kg of dough ** Maximum dough capacity, example for an average hydration rate of 60%

Versatility: Wide range of tools to make all kinds of mixes: dough from little to highly hydrated, cereal bars, vegetable burgers, etc.

Ergonomics and intuitive control: for increased daily productivity


路 Fully stainless steel machine for industrial or semi-industrial use

路 Innovative and efficient mixing technology for all types of dough, from the firmer to the most hydrated

路 Ergonomics and ease of cleaning

路 Modular and evolutionary