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Oblique shaft mixer Mahot-Cuba axis fixed or removable

Oblique shaft mixer Mahot-Cuba axis fixed or removable

Oblique shaft mixer, fixed or removable bowl. It is distinguished by its exclusive patented arm and its speed of execution. With its self-braking system, the pre-mixer guarantees the retention of the dough to reduce working time, while preserving the kneading quality.

Artisans and Industries of the bakery, pastry and snacking

The concave shape of the Mahot arm allows greater penetration into the dough and, therefore, better oxygenation.

There are two models available, with tank volumes of 230 or 330 liters (120 or 160 kg of mass *). The 330-liter model is available in a fixed tank and removable tank version.

The Mahot oblique shaft mixer offers 3 operating modes: manual, semi-manual and automatic. Its operation is silent thanks to the pair of spiral gears that provide all the power of the motor without loss of energy.

Volume: From 230 to 330 liters

Traditional kneading: oblique arm, with 2 or 3 branches

Working comfort: Ergonomic and safe design


路 Time saving during kneading thanks to a unique patented arm

路 Working comfort thanks to silent operation

路 Versatility in recipes: bread dough, shortcrust dough, pizza dough, crepe dough, etc.

路 Model also available with removable bowl