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Oblique shaft mixer MAEH-Cuba removable

Oblique shaft mixer MAEH-Cuba removable

Oblique shaft mixer, removable bowl. Suitable for intensive use, for high-volume productions at a sustained pace (7 days a week, 3 × 8 equipment rotation).

Artisans and Industries of the bakery, pastry and snacking

The shape of the oblique shaft tool, its positioning in the bowl and the geometry of the latter guarantee a smooth kneading, respecting the tradition: "stretching, cutting, blowing".

The MAEH range mixers are equipped with a hydraulic head lift and bowl lock. The bowl, the 2-branch premixer and the bowl cover are made of stainless steel. Depending on the implantations, the tanks can be integrated in front of the tool or from the side, to limit the space occupied by the equipment.

Two tank volumes are available, for a maximum dough capacity * of 160 or 250 kg. The MAEHW model offers bowl speed variation for greater precision. The button control panel can be replaced by a touch HMI (optional).


· Robust design to guarantee intensive productions

· Power respecting tradition: soft kneading, giving a good blowing of the dough, preventing it from heating up

· Adaptability of the equipment to its environment and its uses: positioning of the tank, tools, type of finish, etc.