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Laboratory Disperser Supertest

Laboratory Disperser Supertest

Bench Mixer. Provides the necessary flexibility and power needed in the agitation of complex products. The Air Supertest is ATEX compliant for safe work in explosive atmospheres.

Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, and Specialty Chemicals Industries

The mixer shaft can be removed to allow the operator to change tools independently. The following parts can adapt to the rheology of the raw materials being mixed:

  • Propellers for low-speed mixing
  • Turbines for high-speed dispersions of immiscible phases
  • Rotor-stator for complex emulsions of thick ingredients

The agitation speed of the Supertest range varies according to the model:

  • Supertest from 250 to 3600 rpm
  • Air Supertest from 250 to 3000 rpm
  • Electrical Supertest ATEX from 250 to 2500 rpm

Volume: From 200 ml to 20 liters

Versatility in applications: Multiple turbines, propellers, and rotor-stator emulsifiers

Repeatability of process parameters: for industrial scale-up


路 Easy to use and optimized for ergonomic comfort

路 Production versatility with different propellers, turbines, and emulsifiers

路 Variety of volumes: from 200 mL to 20 liters

路 Safe to use (conforms to CE standards)