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Laboratory Planetary Mixer R51

Laboratory Planetary Mixer R51

Bench Mixers. Are perfect for research and development work, such as tests on bench formulation and pilot extrapolations. This range of equipment is designed for laboratory use in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical, and agri-food industries.

Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, and Specialy Chemicals Industries

The planetary mixer R51 is perfect for the mixing and blending of high viscosity products. It鈥檚 particularly useful for chemical products such as:

  • Resins with mineral fillers, with or without a catalyst
  • Preparation of ceramic slurries, refractory products
  • Concrete mixes for standardized tests (with aggregates)
  • Cement mixes with or without fibers
  • Tinting of fatty inks for printing

Three interchangeable tools are available: the cross-section paddle (standard), the spiral (optional), and the hook (optional). The mixer is optimized for hygiene with its all stainless steel design (bowl, grid, tools, frame, etc).

Volume: From 200 ml to 20 liters

Versatility in applications: Multiple turbines, propellers, and rotor-stator emulsifiers

Repeatability of process parameters: for industrial scale-up


路 Mixes high viscosity products, with the requirement of large proportions of powders or mineral fillers

路 Versatility with 3 interchangeable tools

路 Hygienic stainless-steel design

路 Numerous options available to widen the range of mixing processes