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MW 4300/MW 4310

MW 4300/MW 4310

The laboratory testers MW 4300 and MW 4310 stand for the high quality laboratory measurement of moisture and bulk density.

These robust and functional systems are extremely easy to operate. Product samples can be measured without any preparation. No grinding, weighing before and after the test, or use of chemical reagents. The sample under analysis is neither modified nor heated and can usually be returned to ongoing use.

Measurement results are obtained within seconds. As soon as the sample is filled into the sensor, the result will be displayed. Results are stored in the instrument together with the date, time and other operational details. The measurement system or an external PC, can be used to prepare a statistical analysis of results or display a time vs. value chart of sensor readings.

Laboratory tester MW 4300 features a 10.4“(26,4 cm) LED color touchscreen monitor for displaying sensor values and for the configuration parameter setup. For display and configuration, MW 4310 requires an external monitor, a PC-keyboard and mouse. "TEWS Moisture View ©" is installed in both instruments.