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PEWO–fold D20

PEWO–fold D20

Do you associate success with film wrapping that’s perfect in every respect? Trust in our cutting-edge full overwrapping technology for the ultimate safety of your single and multipacks. Perfection and safety that count.

Full product-byproduct protection of bundle from gentle handling and reliable sealing technology. The wear-free sealing technology and maintenance free machine components set new standards in terms of productivity and precision.


· New generation of human-machine communication
· Interactive 3-D visualization
· Intuitive machine operation via 15" multi-touch display
· Doors made of safety glass with soft closing function: durable, antistatic, scratch-proof
· Transparent control cabinet
· One-of-a-kind - maintenance-free and tool-less film transport system
· Wear-free sealing system
· Intelligent, fully synchronized servo technology
· Extremely gentle handling of susceptible pharmaceuticals
· Increased counterfeit protection through all-round film wrapping
· Universal and versatile - large format range and quick format changeover
· Highest availability through maintenance-optimized machine components