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Planetary mixer Ultrimix

Planetary mixer Ultrimix

Mixer mixer for the food industry. It was born from the collaboration between VMI and university scientific teams to advance the understanding and performance of planetary mixing. The study determined the optimal combination of parameters to obtain the best possible mix.

Artisans and Industries of the bakery, pastry and snacking

The Ultimix guarantees repeatability and extrapolation of productions, regardless of batch and recipe. A machine designed to accompany you in your developments. The mixing quality is incomparable thanks to the adjustment of the relationship between the speed of the tool / satellite speed and the regulation of the work under vacuum or pressure.

It accompanies you in the development of your activity, integrating perfectly into automated production systems.

Volume: From 300 to 900 liters

Precision and productivity: Thanks to its double tool and its scraper: an incomparable mixing quality

Maximum compactness: A patented, slimline gearbox for perfect hygiene and minimal dimensions


路 Versatile recipes and wide range of viscosities thanks to a complete range of interchangeable tools

路 High productivity: programmed cycles, automated integration of ingredients, integration in robotic mixing systems

路 Optimized cleaning due to the absence of retention zones and an all stainless steel design

路 Ease of maintenance and quick accessibility to parts and components