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Research Systems

Research Systems

Medicell spore & virus free water system for microbiological research and cellular cultivation. A complete system of Pre-treatment-Distillation-Storage-Distribution-Dispensing where all parts in contact with the distillate are of borosilicate, titanium or PTFE.

The system is completely closed from the incoming feed water up to the bottle or container to be filled. This is achieved by a special distribution and dispensing system ensuring absolute cleanness and sterility. The distillate is stored and distributed at ambient temperature.

A special washing machine is also supplied with the equipment to ensure that the bottles or objects to be filled are sufficiently clean before the water is filled. Several years of testing at an independent laboratory has given excellent research results reducing spontaneous infections and ensuring an even growth rate in the cultivations.


路 Closed system up to the user points.
路 Unique quality assurance system.
路 Unique dispensing system.
路 Storage & distribution at ambient temperature.
路 Regular sterilization not required.
路 Easy to install.


路 Fully automatic function.
路 Automatic start/stop on signal from the storage tank.
路 Automatic user point regulation.
路 Discharge of sub-standard distillate during start, operation and stop.
路 Automatic surveillance & alarms of critical process values.


路 All AQUA-NOVA stills are production FAT tested at our factory before delivery. The tests are documented and the produced distillate quality is verified by an independent laboratory.

路 The software is developed as per GAMP specifications. When ordered, full Pre IQ and OQ documentation will be supplied with the machines, including calibration documents.

The standard delivery documentation consists of:

路 Authorized drawings with material and weld certificates.
路 Mechanical component documentation and manuals.
路 Electrical and instrument documentation and manuals.
路 Machine installation, operation and service manual.