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The LA160, is a compact machine of general use for the manufacture of envelopes; requires an area of ​​1 m²
Whether used for validation testing, new product launches, or efficient small batch packaging, the LA160 is the ideal solution for high-quality production for all pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.
The possible simultaneous arrangement of multiple dosing systems on the machine highlights its flexibility. It is equally suitable for tablets, liquids, granules or special objects in sachets.
Vertical balcony construction workstations can be rotated 90 ° forward. All LA160 work areas are easily accessible and designed to meet GMP standards. Precision tools mounted on quick tensioning devices ensure quick and easy format conversion. In addition, for the packaging of new and challenging products, Mediseal offers test facilities.
Special features of the LA160 at a glance:

- Small footprint: very compact with a surface area of ​​only 1 m2

- A wide range of applications: pharmaceutical and cosmetic, small batches and validation

- Simple to operate

- Flexible, thanks to a wide range of dosing systems.

- Quick and easy format changes.

- The sealing station rotates 90 ° for perfect accessibility

- Optional: edge control for automatic and congruent sealing of packaging films

- Optional: A range of systems are available printing and inspection for variable data application.