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Spiral mixer Génius

Spiral mixer Génius

Spiral mixer with fixed bowl. It is adapted to all types of bread doughs, including the most resistant ones based on strength flours. This bakery mixer is very efficient thanks to the short pre-mixing and kneading time, and covers a wide range of hydration of the dough.

Artisans and Industries of the bakery, pastry and snacking

The GENIUS guarantees a perfectly homogeneous mixture with a quick kneading that respects the blower-cutter-extender balance necessary for the preparation of the dough. Ergonomics have been thought out down to the smallest detail, with a pedal integrated into the chassis to facilitate the movement of the mixer. An integrated water connection is provided to simplify the addition of water during kneading and cleaning. The double transmission and the shape of the spiral allow to make all kinds of doughs. A second version of the mixer, the GENIUS Digy, integrates the double variation of tool-bowl speeds, the Digy touch control panel and recipe programming.


· Intuitive touch interface with recipe programming

· Double transmission to knead the hardest doughs

· Machine mobility thanks to a pedal integrated into the chassis

· A water connection to feed the mixer and for the addition of water in the kneading during production

· An access hatch to facilitate machine maintenance