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Spiral mixer with removable bowl MAG-R PRO

Spiral mixer with removable bowl MAG-R PRO

Spiral mixer BERTO range. It has been designed for semi-industrial and industrial use. Equipped with a removable stainless steel tundish on a trolley, they are suitable for the production of all yeast doughs (except doughs hydrated to less than 50%).

Artisans and Industries of the bakery, pastry and snacking

Volume: From 60 to 200 kg of dough ** Maximum dough capacity, example for an average hydration rate of 60%

Simple and efficient for kneading standard doughs: Digital control panel with the possibility of programming your recipes

Ergonomics and working comfort for increased daily productivity


路 Ease of use thanks to its electronic control panel and the possibility of registering up to 20 recipes

路 Versatility: the pivot / scraper allows kneading both small and large quantities of dough

路 Productivity: to automate your productions, the mixers of the MAG-R PRO range can be complemented with the installation of an elevator and additional stainless steel troughs on the trolley

路 Small size and working comfort thanks to the hydraulic system for raising and lowering the head