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Syringe Transport

Syringe Transport

This non-contact syringe conveying system is specifically designed for precise syringe handling and flexible configuration.


路 Innovative non-contact syringe transport eliminates contact between syringes as they are conveyed
路 Design flexibility allows for any equipment layout. Syringes can also be transported overhead, freeing up valuable floor space
路 Every system is purposefully designed for a cGMP environment; stainless steel, anodized aluminum, beveled edges, and easy access for viewing and cleaning


路 Syringes are conveyed individually, eliminating glass-on-glass contact
路 The conveyor can be routed overhead freeing up floor space and creating walkways throughout the work space
路 The system automatically changes between high speed, low speed, and stand-by based on product availability
路 Design allows for a large range of product size with minimal change-over