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Transfer elements and attached systems

Transfer elements and attached systems

Transfer element and attached systems. To be able to seamlessly integrate your mixing and kneading solutions into the complete manufacturing lines of bakery, pastry and snacking professionals.

Artisans and Industries of the bakery, pastry and snacking

Depending on your needs and your environment, our project offices can propose the following standard or customized equipment, which allows you to complete your installations:

路 Single or double mast lifts

路 Premix hopper

路 Conveyor belt, dough elevator

路 Dosing station, resting station, fermentation station

路 Cleaning station (LIS)

So that you can diversify your productions and improve your daily work, VMI offers you a wide range of mixing tools and accessories:

路 Mixing tools: 3-branch arm, spiral, spiral with trays, whisk, paddle, spiral whisk, utility knife, etc.

路 Trough scraper

路 Supplementary troughs

路 Trough trolley

路 Table on wheels

路 Temperature probe


路 Increase in production capacities

路 Diversification of your productions with a wide range of mixing tools and tundish scrapers

路 Improved comfort and safety of operators on a daily basis