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WD 425

WD 425

The WD 425 washer-disinfector has been developed for reprocessing flexible and rigid endoscopes as well as medical instruments.



路 Racks for various applications, three flexible endoscopes simultaneously or up to 8 DIN sieves

路 Simultaneous reprocessing of three flexible endoscopes, all contained in a compact high-visibility under-table or freestanding full glass door system

路 Compliance with EN ISO 15883-1, -2, -4: 2018; tested and certified by the independent hygiene institute SMP GmbH

路 Efficient single channel rinsing system, high quality 316L stainless steel chamber with rounded corners, fast drainage and no residue at every step of the process

路 Simple loading of flexible endoscopes and single channel connection can be done outside the machine


路 Racks for various applications