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The modular construction is reflected in the clear division and delimitation of zones. All functional areas are easy to access and quick to clean. Servo-motor driven feeds allows precise positioning of blisters before sealing, cutting and perforating, regardless of the foil’s shrinkage behavior. Centralized format data management via the control terminal provides support for a quick format change. You can do it in less than 45 minutes

With the CP400, Mediseal offers a high-output singletrack blister machine. More than 20 years of continuous improvement have made this machine a fully-fledged product which with its exemplary GMP design guarantees maximum production reliability and an output of up to 400 blisters per minute. It can easily upgrade the CP400 to a compact line, using our direct blister transfer to a Mediseal cartoner

CP400 configuration options:

  • Base foil storage for roll changes without having to stop the machine
  • Switchable pre-stretching unit for forming aluminium, PP and Aclar foils
  • Dosing systems for every type of tablet
  • Inline lidding foil printing
  • Fully integrated fill check
  • Roller or platen sealing station
  • Manual insertion chute for returning ejected good blisters to the packaging process
  • Infeed systems for pack inserts

Special features of the CP400 at a glance:

  • High-performance one-lane operation
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to fast format changes
  • Low maintenance and servicing costs
  • Direct product transfer to the cartoner, with no fault-prone intermediate stacking units.
  • A minimum of format parts
  • A wide range of configuration options