We import your parts



The companies we represent take special care to have a stock of critical spare parts as complete as possible, in order to offer them in the shortest delivery time.

Working with original spare parts offers great advantages, your equipment is kept in good functionality continuously, without interruptions. Thus, our staff is in direct contact with the people who are in charge of this important function, both within your companies, as well as that of our represented companies.

For us it is very important that your equipment has the spare parts at the time they are required and if necessary we can support you with the import permissions, since we are registered to import materials, both textile or steel, which we offer in case this was a factor causing delays in your production schedules.

In regards of the format parts, they are designed by our representatives under the highest quality standards, built according to the original construction of each machine. Due to the treatments they give to the materials used, they have an incomparable durability that will allow them to work daily in optimal conditions for much longer time.