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Industrial Mixing Production Lines

Industrial Mixing Production Lines

Whether you’re in the health, cosmetics, or fine chemical industry, our mixing solutions cover all matters of transfer, storage, energy consumption, sterilization, and cleaning.

VMI’s industrial mixing solutions have the capacity for various rheologies. We have developed a wide range of mixers to suit industrial installations and processes such as:

  • Dilution
  • Suspension
  • Dissolution
  • Dispersion
  • Homogenization
  • Emulsion

Our production lines can incorporate formulation tanks, melters, and storage vessels. Depending on the agitation solution chosen, the tank can accommodate a single, double, or triple movement mixing system with axial, radial, or bottom flow.

The mixing solution you choose can be equipped with specific features such as vacuum or pressure mixing, heating, or cooling. Different methods of ingredient introduction can be done by the top or the bottom of the vessel. Depending on the raw materials used, the method of introduction has an impact on production time and quality.

The Trimix range of homogenizers can perform applications that require simultaneous circulation and shear. This technology combines three co-axial movements with a pendulum agitator, a vessel scraper, and a vessel bottom emulsifier. The Trimix can be adapted to the cleanroom environment and integrated into production lines. It can be equipped with a secure bridging panel adapted for your installation.

For more complex rheology products that have high viscosity and heat exchange, the Multimix range of industrial mixers is the more suitable option.

Volume: from 150 to 20 000 liters

Adaptability: Stand-alone platforms or integrated into your existing facilities

Hygiene and sterilization: Short cleaning time, clean batch to clean batch, thanks to the integrated CIP system


· Custom production line that’s adapted to your space and production constraints

· Wide range of applications in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and fine chemicals

· Flexibility and versatility of the mixing equipment to produce different types of products

· Repeatability and traceability of batches, thanks to the automated control HMI

· High level of safety and hygiene, thanks to the cleaning and sterilization system