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Misceo Vacuum Mixer

Misceo Vacuum Mixer

The Misceo production mixer performs independent and effective agitations, ensuring optimal quality of mixtures.

This equipment has two to three stirring movements:

  • A central agitation for optimal pumping effect
  • A peripheral agitation for optimal thermal exchange
  • A vessel bottom homogenizer (rotor-stator or deflocculator) for an optimal shearing effect

The Misceo is designed to be efficient, and it can easily be configured to your production line. This multifunction vacuum mixer guarantees the meeting of every manufacturing requirement for high-end cosmetic products from safety of use, traceability, to cleanability. The different Misceo models have volume capacities ranging from 180 to 1200 liters.

VolumeFrom 180 liters to 1.200 liters

Easy introduction of ingredients: thanks to a vacuum introduction valve in the heart of the emulsifier

Versatility of processes and applications: Homogenization, dispersion, emulsion, dissolution, etc.


路 Ensures safe production complete with mixing parameter traceability

路 Easy maintenance of the equipment with automated cleaning (CIP) of the machine鈥檚 insides

路 Instant dispersion of powders and liquids, thanks to a vacuum introduction in the heart of the homogenizer

路 High mixing quality due to efficient air removal via vacuum/pressure

路 Thermal regulation (heating / cooling) ensures a high level of precision