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NeoTOP 804

NeoTOP 804

High-speed, flexible cartoners for blisters, ampoules, vials, (pre-filled) syringes, injectors and pens. Dividella’s NeoTOP 804 has a three-fold advantage over rival products, thanks to an option that allows the erection, insertion and sealing of three cartons in a single cycle.

Triple mode and packaging designs that are ideally tailored to individual items make it possible to achieve outputs of up to 240 packs a minute.

Modular machine construction offers the maximum flexibility in the packaging of vials, syringes, injectors, ampoules, blisters and almost unlimited other pharmaceutical products. It does not matter if the products come to the cartoner directly from an upstream process, out of a tray, from a denester or manually feed by the operator.


· Highest OEE possible
· High technical efficiency
· No compromise in quality
· Digital dials for fastest changover
· Fast line clearance
· Link to line manager or MES