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Planetary mixer PH DT

Planetary mixer PH DT

Mixer mixer for production laboratory. It is the ideal industrial equipment for the production of creams, meringues, cakes, sliced bread, specials or even pastries.

Artisans and Industries of the bakery, pastry and snacking

These three tools - mixer, paddle and spiral - allow you precision and variety in the realization of your products. The capacity of the tundish is from 80 to 200 liters, which allows large-scale productions. A hydraulic raising and lowering of the tundish and a stainless steel tundish support facilitate the working comfort of bakers.

Volume: From 80 to 200 liters

Wide variety of recipes: Power and precision to make different products

Ease of use: Ergonomic advantages to facilitate use and improve comfort at work.


· Precision and power of use for intensive productions (up to 200 liters per tundish)

· Working comfort with a tundish support on wheels and a hydraulic raising and lowering of the tundish

· Delivered with 3 tools for versatility in applications