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PressOut Manual Wide

PressOut Manual Wide

Is a portable, tool-less, manual Sepha deblistering machine that can help improve efficiency and employee engagement when dealing with rejected blister packs.

The machine allows blister packs to be manually fed through a set of rollers by simply turning a handle and is ideal for small batches. The tablets or capsules are simultaneously removed from the blister pack and separated from the waste packaging.

The manual deblistering machine can handle thermoform/alu and coldform/alu blister packs and is fully cGMP compliant. The settings can be changed easily to suit different push-through blister packs.

· Portable & flexible – can be adjusted quickly to suit any push-through blister pack
· Fully cGMP compliant and easily cleaned
· Handles thermoform/alu as well as coldform/alu blisters
· Easy to use – no specialist skills needed
· Product recovered cleanly and hygienically
· Ideal for small batches
· Affordable