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LA500 – Maximum performancein the smallest space.

The LA500 is a high-speed packaging machine, especially suitable for packaging granulates for the pharmaceutical industry or food supplements. In addition to the high-precision micro-piston dosing system, other dosing systems are available, ensuring maximum flexibility in the packaging of many different products. The vertical design allows maximum performance with minimum space requirements.

The LA500 is powered by servo motors and can therefore easily be linked to a cartoning machine.

Its balcony-type construction and the high-visibility design, comply with the stringent GMP standards of the pharmaceutical industry.
The overall height of the vertical LA500 vertical sachet machine has been
reduced by a combination of a longitudinal and transverse sealing station.

Accessibility and monitoring of the entire production process have
been improved enormously. A servo motor drive system unwinds the foil.
This means that the draw-off length can be varied from the control panel. The
unique advantage of this concept is that the machine runs free from vibration
and noise. Depending on the product to be manufactured, up to 10 lanes
can be used.

Special features of the LA500 at a glance:

  • A large selection of dosing systems.
  • Pivoting sealing station for high product safety: no unnecessary heat affecting filler tubes or product.
  • Two-component dosing system enables automatic mixing of components on the machine: this saves time and costs in upstream processes, as well as in quality assurance.
  • Fast change-overs.
  • Low machine height for excellent machine access and ease of operation.
  • Ideal in conjunction with a cartoning machine.
  • For the most demanding high-performance requirements, two LA500 machines can also be linked to one cartoning machine.