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Top Load Cartoner

Top Load Cartoner

The K枚rber Topload Cartoner solution specializes in products. The innovative approach to our cartoner allows your product to be safely nested, rotated or reversed as needed to prepare for secure delivery or storage.

The system forms cartons from flats, loads, closes, labels and check-weighs using a fullt-integrated, servo-driven system. Multiple options allow you to create a solution that fits your needs. Our integrated labeling, printing and check weighing design offers a compart footprint in a single solution. Delivering this design format produces an efficient system and reduces cost for additional equipment.


路 Servo driven design allows high-speed production while maintaining precise positioning
路 Allen-Bradley controls are standard on all machines, giving you the tools you need to have full control of your process
路 Robotic loading utilizes tooling specifically designed for your application
路 Quick change tooling allows for rapid changeover between product and carton sizes


路 Cartons are formed from cost effective flats verses auto-bottom style cartons
路 The cartoner can be easily integrated with a HFFS machine for seamless operation
路 Energy Efficient Design - very little compressed air usage
路 Designed specifically for near one hundred percent runtime and efficiency
路 Allen-Bradley controls make it simple to integrate automated loading and off-loading.


路 Integrated labeling
路 Integrated printing
路 Check weighing
路 Glued or mechanically locking cartons
路 Literature load station