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Trimix Vacuum Homogenizer

Trimix Vacuum Homogenizer

The Trimix range of vacuum homogenizers is ideal for many applications, including moisturizer, body oil, make-up, ointment, toothpaste, and shower gel.

The in-place cleaning system (CIP) helps reduce downtime and any risk of cross-contamination.

There are several models of the Trimix:

  • Trimix laboratory versions: 10, 30, or 50 liters
  • Trimix liftable version: from 50 liters to 10 tons
  • Trimix fixed version: up to 20 tons

The entire Trimix range combines three co-axial movements in the same tank to optimize mixing. Combined with a prominent axial flow agitation, the bottom emulsifier ensures perfect dispersion of powders and a fine emulsion, thanks to its rotor/stator. The scraper generates a slow peripheral movement, which can work in both directions for optimal peripheral and bottom scraping.

The introduction of powders, liquids, or solids can be done quickly through the vessel bottom. The rotor-stator then perfectly disperses the added products. These two counter-rotating pendular tools ensure ideal homogenization throughout the mixture and (if necessary) heat transfer.

Volume: From 150 liters to 20 tons

Easy introduction of ingredients: thanks to a vacuum introduction valve in the heart of the emulsifier

Versatility of processes and applications: Homogenization, dispersion, emulsion, dissolution, etc.


路 Automation, traceability, and streamlined operator control, thanks to the touch screen control panel

路 Adaptable to a cleanroom environment or a small production line

路 Versatility in applications with its various mixing capabilities

路 Quality mixing with the ingredient introduction valve in the heart of the emulsifier