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WD 290

WD 290

The WD 290 is ideal for your large SPD, where consistent performance, high throughput, efficiency, and custom automation solutions will enable your department.



路 Unique 18 DIN tray capacity with superior cleaning and drying results

路 90 cm wide, front direct service access and one or two door options

路 Attractive automatic sliding glass doors and illuminated chamber for visible washing operations

路 Patented status display with LED technology provides clear indication of process progress

路 Up to 20% resource savings thanks to dynamic filling

路 Quick program with 35 min. Cycle time

路 Grids

路 Racks for various applications, for example instruments, AN material, containers, plates, trays or shoes

路 Racks for laboratory utensils

路 Rack with nozzles to wash various items


路 Ergonomic transport trolley

路 Automation solutions for a fully automated operation

路 Wide range of accessories for on-site requirements