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WP 150 Pharma

WP 150 Pharma

The Alexanderwerk WP 150 Pharma is especially designed as a production model which meets the highest requirements and standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

With its sealing system customized for containment and a throughput of up to 150 kg/h, it is highly suited when it comes to compacting and granulation of both standard and potent products.

Moreover, the machine is equipped as standard with the patented Combi-Vent-Feeder庐. Through the improved de-aeration capability more raw materials can be processed in a given period, which leads to a more efficient and therefore profitable operation.

Because of its modular design, the process parts can be almost completely disassembled without the need of special tools. Due to its cantilever bearing design the rollers can be easily replaced and cleaned, which provides efficient and flexible production and product changeover. To ensure a compact design, the machine has a low overall height and the control system is integrated in an external control cabinet.

The design and construction are orientated around the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and provide the following advantages:

路 cGMP design
路 Consistent separation between process material and technical equipment
路 Drive shaft sealing system optimized for containment
路 Rollers in cantilever design
路 Equipped with the patented Combi-Vent-Feeder庐
路 Roller gap measurement
路 Roller gap control
路 Amply dimensioned single-stage rotor fine granulator in Diagonal-Design庐
路 Made completely of high-quality stainless steel
路 Non-metallic parts FDA approved
路 Minimum feed rates of up to 1 rpm available from servo motor
路 Automated PLC
路 URS-conformity as required
路 Tool free disassembly


路 Circumferential side seals
路 WIP (wash in place)
路 21 CFR Part 11
路 Containment solution with isolator technology
路 Additional roller surfaces (smooth/grooved/knurled/squared or a desired combination)
路 Pressurized cooling for rollers
路 Closed cooling circuit by the means of recooling unit
路 Hopper with level-limit switch
路 Pneumatic conveyer for raw material/final granule
路 Integration with and/or enlargement to a plant concept
路 Mobile machine base

Technical data

Roller diameter

 150 mm

Roller width

 50 mm

Throughtput, continuous operation

150 kg/h (Lactose)

Maximal pressure force

20 kN/cm

Maximal roller gap

5 mm

Maximal roller speed

40 rpm


approx. 1.700 kg (without control system)

Weight control cabinet

approx. 400 kg


1.700 mm x 1.340 mm x 1.860 mm

dimensions control cabinet

 800 mm x 600 mm x 2.100 mm